Govinda's /

Vegetarian Restaurant

Fresh Healthy Cooking

All of our items are free of meat, fish and eggs and many of our dishes are dairy free and thus suitable for vegans as well. Everything at Govinda’s is prepared with the very best ingredients available and using the freshest produce. We serve vegetarian and vegan meals that delight the palate, promote good health, make the mind peaceful and elevate the consciousness. We offer an excellent dining experience in a casual and serene atmosphere.

Govinda's Menu

Appetizers/ Snacks

  • Two Samosas and Chutney $5.00
  • Six Cauliflower Pakoras & Chutney $4.00
  • Six Paneer Pakoras & Chutney $5.00
  • French Fries $3.00
  • French Fries & Fried Soya Nuggets $5.00


  • 6" Personal Pan Cheese Pizza $4.00
  • 6" Personal Pan Veggie Pizza $4.50
  • 9" Two Person Cheese Pizza $6.00
  • 9" Two Person Veggie Pizza $6.50
  • 16" Cheese Pizza Pie $16.00
  • 16" Veggie Pizza Pie $19.00


  • Mango Lassi/ Smoothies (12oz) $3.99
  • Tea, Coffee $1.50
  • Juice $2.00
  • Coconut Water $3.00
  • Bottled Water $1.00/ $1.50
  • Bottled Water $2.00

All You Can Eat Buffet

*Basmati Rice, *Dahl, *Two Subjis
*Salad with Dressing, *Roti, *Sweet $11.99

Hot Sandwiches/ Entrees

Toasted Bun and Butter $2.00

Grilled Cheese
Grilled Bun with Melted Cheese $3.00

The Philly
Grilled sweet peppers & soya
smotheres in mozzarella cheese and
Veganese on a toasted bun $7.50
Toppings (tomatoes, Lettuce, Olives) $0.50 extra

The Trini
Curried soya & veggies with hot roti $6.50

Veggie Burger
Veggie Burger with Fries $8.00

Indian Specialties

Idli with Sambhar, Coconut Chutney $6.50

Weekend Breakfast Only

Dosa: choice of Masala, Sada,
Cheese, Curried Soya or Paneer

with Sambhar, Chutney $8.00

Paratha: choice of Maethi, Paneer
or Aloo
with Yogurt & Pickle $8.00

Paratha or Roti & Subji $8.00
(Extra Paratha) $3.00

Uttapa Plate with Sambhar, Chutney $4.50

Dahl Puri with Channa Potato $7.00

Seasonal Hours

Mon-Fri 11:00am to 9:00pm
Saturday 8:00am to 10:00pm
Sunday 7:00am to 9:00pm

Opening March weekends only (starting March 11th)
Closed Dec-Feb

Opening times subject to change. Please call for details.