Q: What is there to do in New Vrindaban, the Land of Krishna?
A: New Vrindaban, the Land of Krishna, a Holy Dhama, is visited by more than 30,000 visitors yearly! Your visit here allows you an opportunity to have darshan (seeing) of Their Lordships Sri Sri Radha-Vrindaban Chandra, sing and meditate on the Holy Name, and get spiritual inspiration. Enjoy our lakes and lotus pond. Bask in the beautiful surroundings of nature with its cows, swans, peacocks, deer, goats, and even, an alpaca. Participate in a yoga class, go on parikrama (walking pilgrimage), and visit the Palace of Gold. Did you know that the Palace of Gold was rated, “One of the religious wonders to visit in the United States,” by CNN? Go on a hike, make new friends, and relax in the spiritually charged atmosphere of New Vrindaban, the Land of Krishna.

Visit our main website for more information: newvrindaban.com

Q: Where is New Vrindaban, and how do I get there?
A: New Vrindaban is nestled in the Appalachian Hills, 15 miles South of Wheeling, West Virginia. Our physical address is: 3759 McCrearys Ridge Road, Moundsville, WV 26041

Please note, that due to the natural, rural setting of the New Vrindaban community, you can expect wild life such as insects, animals, unfamiliar smells and sounds, and occasional, weather-related power outages. You may want to check the weather report for our area before arriving.

PLEASE DO NOT use your GPS, using our physical address, to drive here, it will navigate you through outdated, dangerous back roads.

Accurate directions to our Temple and Palace Lodge can be found here: Directions

Note: We're sorry, no shuttle services are provided by the Palace of Gold or New Vrindaban. You may make your own transportation arrangements (i.e. Rent-a-Car, Uber, etc.).

Q: How do I book / make a reservation?
A: Pick your choice!

Choose from booking online, here: Booking

or email us at: palacelodge108@gmail.com or use this contact form

or call us at: (304) 843-1600, ext. 0

or in person, at our Welcome Center

Note: Same day reservation, especially on weekends, may not be available. ALL our accommodations are available based on a first come, first serve basis.

Q: Can I have a room/cabin on hold, and pay later?
A: We cannot put any accommodation on hold nor make a waiting list, due to our limited accommodation, and high demand.

Note: ALL our accommodations are available based on a first come, first serve basis.

Q: How can I be sure my specific Cabin reservation is secured?
A: Our cabins are the most popular of our accommodations, as they are nestled in the tranquil woods, near our Swan lake, and provide the maximum amount of living space for up to 6 People.

Be sure you read the full description of your chosen Cabin accommodation. Leave us a "Special Request" note in the available box provided, during the Guest Details booking process. And/or call or email us with your Special Request at:

(304) 843-1600 ext. 0, palacelodge108@gmail.com

Note: ALL our accommodations are available based on a first come, first serve basis. Most of our Cabins are not wheelchair accessible. Wheelchair accessible Cabins are: C2, C3 and C9.

Q: I see that your ___ room/cabin can fit up to __ People. What if I want to include 1 more person. Can I fit that 1 extra person in this ___ room/cabin anyway?
A: The maximum occupancy stated on our website, for each of our accommodations, are according to County Fire Safety rules. We would rather you honor these rules and book your accommodation accordingly.

Q: What form of payment do you accept?
A: All cards, personal checks, and cash are accepted, billed in US Dollars. To secure your booking and receive a confirmation number, the full accommodation cost must be paid in full.

Q: When is Check-in & Check-out time?
A: Check-in begins at 4:00 PM, on the day of your arrival.

Check-out is 11:00 AM, on the day of your departure.

If you check out after 11:00 AM, without receiving prior authorization, you will be charged an additional $25 per room and/or for full an additional day.

Please return all keys to the Welcome Center upon check-out. Lost/unreturned keys will result in additional $25 charge per room.

Q: Where do I go to pick-up my room key, and/or if I arrive after hours?
Your room key will be available at the Welcome Center

If you arrive after hours, your key will be left in an envelope, with your name on it, in a mailbox attached to our Welcome Center door, the mail box is labeled "After Hour Pick-up”.

Q: What are the Welcome Center hours of business?
A: Our Welcome Center hours are as follows:

Monday - Thursday: 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM

Friday: 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM

Saturday: 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM

Sunday: 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM

Q: Are meals included with the cost of my booking?
A: The Temple serves breakfast at 9:00 AM and lunch at 1:30 PM. Donations are welcome.

Dinner and snacks can be purchased at the Govinda's restaurant: Govinda's Menu & Hours

Q: What discounts do you offer for Life Members of ISKCON (International Society of Krishna Consciousness)?
A: ISKCON New Vrindaban offers Life Members a 50% discount on Lodge Single (one queen bed) and Lodge Double (two queen beds) rooms Sunday through Thursday only (not on Friday/Saturday or holidays). Lodge Single and Double rooms are located upstairs in the Palace Lodge (two flights of stairs, no elevator) with detached bathrooms (14 single bathrooms in the hallway, shared between all rooms upstairs).

Reservations are made at a regular price either online or on the phone. The discount is applied as a refund given at check in upon presenting the actual Life Member card.

One room per membership. Discount is not transferable to family members of Life Members (parents, children, cousins, etc.).

Q: How do I cancel my reservation?
A: Your cancellation request must be in writing. Please respond to your confirmation email for a cancellation request.

Normal reservations can be cancelled and refunded within at least 48 hours or 2 days prior notice.

Group reservations can be cancelled and refunded within at least 168 hours or 7 days prior notice. No refunds will be given after this period. No exceptions will be made.

During Holidays and/or Festivals, we require at least 168 hours or 7 days prior notice. No refunds will be given after this period. No exceptions will be made

The refund will be reduced by the credit card fee of 3%.

Q: How is the Wi-Fi and/or cell phone reception in New Vrindaban?
A: Our free Wi-Fi signal is fairly weak and sometimes unreliable. For example, no reception is available in our Cabins.

As for your cell phone reception, you may need to walk around the property to catch stronger reception connections.

We hope to provide a stronger signal in the future. Nonetheless, please take advantage of the rare opportunity to disconnect and get to know this Holy pilgrimage destination in a more intimate way.

Inquire from the Welcome Center for which free Wi-Fi signal is available to you.

Q:Where do I park my car?
A: Long-term, free parking can be found on the left-hand side of the Palace Lodge and Temple. Cabins have their own designated parking areas.

Temporary parking is provided in front of the Welcome Center exclusively for guests checking-in to and picking up their room keys.

All of the Welcome Center parking spaces are, also, reserved for delivery trucks, emergency, and administrative vehicles. Unauthorized vehicles may be towed.

Q: Where do I go about Lost & Found items?
A: The Welcome Center. We may have just what you're looking for.

Q: Do you provide child care?
A: No, sorry, but every now and then, we do offer a Kids' Camp, something you and your family can find out more about, here: Kid's Camp

Your child's safety is your responsibility. Please be aware of your child’s whereabouts at all times, as West Virginia Law requests that children, under the age of 12 years, be supervised at all times. We accept no liability for an unattended child.

Please, also, be sure your child’s Temple room conduct is respectful.

West Virginia Law requests that children under 12 are supervised all times.

Q: Is there anything else I should know?
A: Prohibited Activities:

New Vrindaban is a spiritual community based on principles intended to benefit the spiritual and physical well-being of the individual and all of God’s creation. As our guest, we ask that you refrain from:
  • eating and cooking meat, fish, and eggs
  • drinking alcoholic or caffeinated beverages
  • smoking or intoxication of any kind
  • hunting or fishing
  • gambling
  • foul or vulgar language
  • immodest/inappropriate dress
The Palace Lodge is a 100% Smoke-Free and Pet-Free facility. Smoking and/or unauthorized pets will result in a cleaning fee of $250.

Violation of these policies may, also, result in removal from ISKCON New Vrindaban property.

Q: I caused damage to New Vrindaban/Palace Lodge property. What happens now?
A: Any items found damaged or missing from the Palace Lodge/New Vrindaban facilities will be charged to the guest.

Trivia Question: Ever wonder how many total rooms the Palace Lodge provides?
A: Glad you asked! Here's the breakdown:
  • 24 Double Queen Lodge Rooms
  • 13 Single Queen Lodge Rooms
  • 13 Ground Floor Lodge Rooms
  • 11 Cabins
  • 8 Temple Guest Wing Rooms
  • 1 Apartment Suite
For a total, maximum capacity of 278 guests.