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58 comfortable rooms


From: $88/night



11 cabins near or overlooking the lake

From: $220/night



2 bedroom apartment suite

From: $230/night


Visitors from all over the world come to new Vrindaban in large numbers every year. 



Our seasonal offers for 



Frequently asked questions


It's so magical and graceful....Taj Mahal is an the midst of country and on top of mountain, it is truly a paradise! My each stay in this natural and divine Holy Dham really purifies my mind, body and soul that are filled with impurities and stress that urban or city life offers us everyday...It gives me so much energy physically, mentally and spiritually! And not to mention the Prasadam...your taste buds will never experience any better food....Hare Krishna!!!"

Susanta Das


"I just wanted to visit the site I live close by and as of late have been really fascinated and intrigued by this religion. I have a few friends that live out there who I haven't seen in forever I would like more info on festivals and such maybe I to can be part of this beautiful place. please email me with any info that would be greatly appreciated. Once again a beautiful place and beautiful people! Peace and Love"



"Many years ago ending in 1988, for reasons not under my control I moved away from New Vrindaban. I have missed the deities , the devotees and the land there ever since and will someday soon surely return. There is no place i have been to on this earth that has the spiritual energy and peace of New Vrindaban, Wv. Hare Krishna."

Rucira Devi Dasi


"I attended the festival Saturday July 28th, and would like to thank everyone who made me feel so welcome; The ladies who invited me to dance, the beautiful children rushing among the petals, the devotees who prepared and enacted the ceremony, the cooks and servers of food, the author/story teller who took time to chat with me... everyone! Your kindness was the very embodiment of love that so many strive for. Hare Krishna! For any who would visit, I don't think you could be disappointed"

Beverly Donitzennan Potti, Chantilly, VA

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