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Cuddle a Cow
at our Go shala

Established in 1969, the New Vrindaban Goshala is America’s oldest cow sanctuary. It is essentially a working dairy but with a special difference. Not only do we care for our milking cows, but we also look after the older cows that no longer produce milk. This traditional Indian practice is based on a sense of gratitude. Since we are nourished by the cow’s milk, she is like our mother and should be cared for with love until the end of her days. The same goes for the bulls who are like our father because they are engaged in working the land. We show due respect for these sacred animals and never send them to slaughter. Their calves, too, are treated with compassion and allowed to stay peacefully with their mothers. 

Calf 20.jpg

In his original Vrindaban pastimes, Lord Krishna is a cowherd boy. He is known as Gopal – the protector of the cows, and Govinda – one who gives pleasure to the cows. Because cows are so dear to Krishna, He will surely shower His blessings on anyone who helps care for them. 


Pay a visit to the Goshala and see our beautiful and happy cows. Milking times are at 7:00am and 6:00pm. All are welcome to come help milk Krishna’s cows. No experience necessary!

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