Are you looking to bring a group,
celebrate a special event or simply need spiritual nourishment? Check out our prices and offers. 

Accommodation Rates

Groups rates available for 20 + adults

Check-in time: 4:00 p.m.  Check-out: 11:00 a.m. 
We do not guarantee early check-in. To ensure early check-in, additional fees apply.

Other Rental Facilities

yoga shala.jpg

Yoga Studio

1 hour- $50,

maximum $250 per day


Community Hall 

1 Hour- $30,

maximum $150 per day

Prabhupada's Palace of Gold Tour Rates


Rates for 15 +, include both adults and kids

Adult: $7.50 

Child (6-16): $3.50  

Child under 6: free

Meal Rates and Menu


Group Menu Options

Below are the options for Indian Cuisine; other cuisines are available.

Note: this is not a regular Govinda’s menu.



Kitchari, papad, pickle, dahi, fruits, tea

Idli, chutney, sambar, oatmeal, fruit, tea

Poori, sabji, halava, fruits, tea

Trinidadian roti, sabji, cake, fruits, tea

Poha rice or upma, chutney, oatmeal, fruits, tea


Lunch & Dinner 

Rice, dhal, sabji, poori, sweet preparation, salad, drink. 

Biryani or masala rice, raita, poori or papad, sweet preparation, salad, drink. 


Meal Serving Time

Breakfast: 9am 

Lunch: choose any time between: 12:30pm - 2pm 

Dinner: choose any time between: 5pm - 8pm 


Serve-out Location and Rule

Community Hall (ground floor of the Lodge) or Restaurant. To be decided by the cook.

Our staff must be present during meals. We cannot leave food unattended.


Things to do for everyone


Additional activities for religious pilgrims


Swan Boat Festival 

Regularly held Saturday nights in the warm season, weather permitting. 

Available on other days by special request. One-week notice required.

Screen Shot 2020-07-02 at 2.49.44 PM.png


Performed daily during milking times: 7:00am and 6:00pm.

May be available at other times upon request. Please inquire.


Narasimha-Sudarshan yajna for health and protection

Available upon request.



Available upon request.


Govardhan Parikrama & Kundeshvar Mahadev Abhishek

Saturdays and Sundays at 10:00am during the warm season, weather permitting. Available on other days/times by special request. 


Special arcana 

Usually takes place after morning lecture, around 9:00am. Available at other times upon request.