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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your hours?

The Krishna Temple is open from 5:00am to 9:00pm, 7 days a week year-round.  

For Prabhupada’s Palace of Gold, visit

What is your cancellation policy?

Our policy requires that you send us an email requesting cancellation. You may respond to the confirmation email we sent you or email your request to After the cancelation is processed, you will receive an email confirming the cancellation. Full refund is given for 3 days’ notice or more; 50% refund is given for 2 days’ notice; there is no refund for less than 2 days’ notice.

How long is the Prabhupada’s Palace of Gold tour? 

The complete tour takes about 30 minutes.

Where can I eat at New Vrindaban?

You can eat at Govinda’s Restaurant or the Snack Bar when they are open. Another option are temple meals which are served daily at breakfast and lunchtime on a donation basis. 


What are the restaurant hours?

It various, so please call us at 304-843-1600 ext. 0


Do you allow pets?

We allow pets on the grounds, but you must clean up after them and keep them on a leash. We do not allowed pets in our rooms or cabins. 


Do you have wi-fi?

We have wi-fi in the rooms, temple, and Govinda’s Restaurant but not in the cabins, with the exception of two. There is no password needed.


What discount do you have for life members?

Life Members are given a 50% discount for upstairs Lodge rooms only, Sunday through Thursday. This discount can be applied to one room per membership. It cannot be applied to already discounted prices. Please note: we do not give discounts over the phone. While making reservations, we charge the regular price and adjust it when you show your membership card on arrival.

Where do I pick up my keys after office hours?

The key to your room will be in the “after hours key pick up” box, which is attached to the door of the Welcome Center. It will be in the envelope with your name on it. 


Do you have senior citizen discount?

Sorry, we do not.


Do you have a dress code?

Not specifically, but we do suggest you dress modestly as is appropriate when visiting any sacred place of worship.


Do you offer airport or bus pick-up services?  

The Temple or Lodge does not organize pick-ups, but we have private individuals who provide this service.

For more information, please call us at 304-843-1600 ext:0.


Do you have cell phone reception?

This depends on your carrier, but usually not around the Temple and Lodge. If you have AT&T service, you may get a signal. The elevation of Prabhupada’s Palace is higher, so it is more likely that you will get reception in that area.


Do you allow camping?

We do not allow tents on our grounds.


Do you allow campers and motorhomes?

Yes. The fee for this is $20 per night unless you are pre-registered for a festival or event in which case there is no extra charge.

Where is the lost-and-found?

In the Welcome Center.


Do you provide childcare?

Generally, no, although occasionally we offer special activities for kids or a kid’s camp.


When are the roses/flower in bloom?

The roses along with most of our other flowers begin to bloom in June and end in October with the first frost. 


When do the lotuses bloom?

They start to bloom in June, but their full display is in July and August.


When do the leaves turn color?

Usually in the first part of October, but it is different every year depending on the weather.

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