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Sri Krishna Janmashtami

The ringing bells of New Vrindaban resound loudly, announcing the most auspicious event of the year—Lord Krishna’ s divine birthday celebration—and inviting everyone to attend. This is a two-weekend celebration, prayer, worship, spiritual discussions, chanting of Krishna’s names, yoga, fun activities, and a host of other engagements that connect us with the Lord. Visitors enjoy the “the Jan- mashtami Journey,” a magical walk around the torch-lit lake, watching vignettes of Lord Krishna’s pastimes enacted in the form of skits. A special midnight arati (worship ceremony) of the Deities in a splendid new outfit attracts a large crowd; a maha-yajna (fire sacrifice ceremony) invokes auspicious- ness; and a Kalash Abhisheka (bathing of the Deities with sacred liquids) with golden pots is a special event. The festivities continue the following weekend with another Kalash Abhisheka, fun children’s activities, yoga, worship of the cows, a swan boat festival, and another feast, among other exciting events.

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